Lakeville South Boys Basketball Association

LSBBA Financial Aid/Assistance Program


Request for Financial Aid/Assistance


The achieve our goal of allowing more boys the opportunity to play basketball, the LSBBA Board of Directors has developed a Financial Aid program.  This ensures that any boy, regardless of financial situation, will have the opportunity to play basketball.  

The LSBBA Financial Program details are as follows:

  • For Travel/In-House Registration:   LSBBA will reduce fees by 50%-100% of the full cost of the registration fee, if the player is a recipient of free or reduced school lunch.  
  • As a part of the registration process, there will be a checkbox to marked and a code to be entered if the player has requested financial aid.  

Steps for applying for Financial Aid:  Parents requesting financial aid for the program should:  

  • Register for financial assistance:  (enter link)
  • Include/upload your free/reduced lunch verification letter in the application.  
  • You will only need to submit the verification letter one time per school year. 
  • Allow 1-2 business days to receive a code to use during during checkout for the program registration.  

The following is not covered by financial aid:  

  • A $250 check to be used as a deposit requiring parents to work their designated shifts at at the Cougar Classic.  
  • If the parents decline to help at the Cougar Classic, the $250 will be use to reimburse the LSBBA for the hiring of tournament workers.  Deposit checks from players whose parents work their assigned shifts will be destroyed.  
  • A $150 check for uniform deposit.  Checks will be destroyed at the end of the season if the uniform is returned in the same condition as it was issued.  


Please direct questions to:

Mike Fliehe

LSBBA Treasurer